Körber launches Robotics-as-a-Service offering for e-fulfilment

Körber is to begin offering automated solutions to customers through a Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model.

The firm believes that this option can provide the necessary efficiency, flexibility, and scalability to allow customers to cope with the pressures associated with the growth of e-commerce.

Körber says that its RaaS programme will ‘provide simple access to a global network of robotics service partners for every business size and industry’. The benefit of adopting RaaS is that it does not require the same level of upfront expenditure as purchasing robotics solutions outright.

Joe Couto, Executive Vice President of Robotics and 3PL at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, said: “The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) sector in particular has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

“Customers across the globe are looking for solutions in various operational areas to meet spikes in demand and address complexities around labour, safety, and warehouse associates’ wellbeing.

“Körber has made it its mission to help companies worldwide respond to these challenges faster, while keeping fulfilment time and costs as low as possible.

“Körber’s flexible robotics and accompanying automation solutions have brought scalable fulfilment operations to numerous customers around the globe, and now we are bringing it to the next level.”

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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